Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sam was hit hard about a week and a half ago with a nasty bug.  I got it too but he was knocked out worse than I was.  He had fevers for about 10 days and he was sleeping 20+ hours a day.  It started on a Saturday and it appeared to be a 24 hr bug because SUnday he was fine.  Monday he went to school and I got a phone call saying he had dozed off, they were having trouble waking him and he seemed to be having seizure -like activity when they tried.  The nurse said he didn't appear to lose oxygen and she wasn't overly concerned.  Then she called back and said it happened again and she would need me to pick him up because she didn't want to put him on the bus.  For the next week he spiked fevers and slept.  While I certainly don't want Sam to be uncomfortable, I have to admit that his being ill had some advantages.  It allowed me to cuddle him and be with him without anything being thrown for a few days. 

Sam is back to normal today and as soon as we got home he started throwing things everywhere.  sigh.  We follow up with the neurologist tomorrow. 

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