Sunday, November 3, 2013


I could not think of an appropriate title for this post.  Our situation is turning into exactly what I feared for such a long time.  Sam's behaviors are increasingly dangerous and he has stalled/regressed in pretty much all skills.  In this past week alone Sam

  • Smashed a carton of milk on the floor
  •  Stayed up most of tuesday night, ended the all nighter by smashing glass all over the dining room resulting my going to work with my hands bandaged up,
  • clawed my face up when he was frustrated going to bed wednesday night leaving me with three nice scabs for work the next day
  • smacked me in the head a few times before bed pretty much every night
  • dropped a water pitcher on the floor then kicked me in the face as I tried to mop up the water before it spread everywhere
  • kicked my husband and me numerous times for fun and in anger
  • soaked the carpets in water he steals from the faucets and throws on the floors
  • covered the floors in food he takes, throws on the floors and them jumps on
  • threw a knife at my foot - luckily it hit me at an angle and I was wearing heavy socks
  • hit me with shoes, toys, cups, books, and pretty much anything else he has been able to get his hands on - he aims for my head and my feet
  • risked setting the kitchen on fire by throwing things at the stove when I was cooking
  • jumped so much he shook tiles off the bathroom wall
My mother came to visit yesterday and she was very upset at the situtation.  She said she feels we need to look into possible residential placement for him because it is becoming difficult to keep the girls safe.  It is something we have had in the back of our minds for a while now.  We are still hoping we can find a magical behaviorist or a beneficial medication that will allow Sam to stay with us ( I am not to hopeful on the behaviorist front since we have worked with some GREAT ones who haven't been able to help with this at all).  We are not giving up yet but we are getting close. 

If anyone out there has had success working with a nonverbal, hyperactive, severely behavioral child, please offer up your suggestions!