Friday, May 25, 2012

IEP Season

The school year is winding down and so IEP season is in full swing as we all plan for next year.  Sam's meeting went well.  It seems that instead of dropping items on the floor hundreds of times a day he is only doing it tens of times a day.  Woo Hoo! (insert sarcastic eye roll) Without any debate, the district consented to continue Sam's after school home program without any breaks in the summer and they added additional hours in August.  He is set to continue at his current public school program- which is a good program-next year.  Sounds good right?  In the moment I went with it and signed the IEP.  I know how lucky we are to live in an area where special education services are provided at this level. 

but. . . . . I met with the special education director of the district in which I work.  We discussed Sam's (lack of) progress and behavioral issues.  SHe told me that if he were in her district she would most definitely look for a private school program for him.  She helped me clearly articulate why his current program is not the most appropriate option for him.  She confirmed one of my big concerns - Sam's current program keeps kids through age 14.  After that is is assumed they will go to life skill or job training programs.  Sam is not on that path.  Unless he has major congnitive gains, he will not fit into a program like that.  At 14 he is likely to be 6 feet tall and very strong.  The chances that we will be able to get him into a good private school program at that point will be very slim.  THe chances are better while he is younger.  She also told me that around here, it isn't much cheaper to send kids like Sam to public programs.  SHe urged me to push for it now.

so. . .  I left a message for my case manager last night (you know, just to make sure she has a great holiday weekend).  I will follow up with a letter today. 

Let the games begin.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maya is 4

SO instead of feeling sorry for myself (and Maya) for not knowing anyone to invite to her party I decided to just send invitations home with all the girls in her class.  I figured there are only about 6 of them and so even if they all said yes it wouldn't bee too big of a gathering.  Four girls came plus two others we know from outside school.  Maya had a blast and Sam managed to only steal a few water bottles and throw them over the fence.