Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zoo Boo and the Storm

One of the things that went really well this month was a trip we took to an event at the local zoo. One weekend in October they decorate the zoo for Halloween and open the zoo at night (must buy tickets in advance). Kids walk around an "trick or treat" around the zoo. Local businesses and charities set up "trick or treat" tables at various locations around the zoo. I was determined to go this year - and I was determined to try to bring Sam . A friend was able to pick up tickets for me which was a huge factor in our being able to do this.

We went on a Friday night. Sam wore a sweatshirt with a glow in the dark skeleton printed on it. It is about as much costume as he can tolerate. He has been able to use it for the past 2 years and I am hoping to find something similar in a bigger size next year! Maya dressed up like (a fully clothed) Ariel from The Little Mermaid (he interest in being a Disney princess was much to my dismay - I know I could have vetoed the costume but I had a weak moment). Hannah wore a jacket with bear ears and pants with paws on the feet.

We got there a little early (note to self- go a little later next time) so we had to wait in line for the gate to open. Sam had a hard time but he got through it without stealing anyone's water bottle and smashing in on the ground. With the help of a pocket full of small treats, he managed to stay with me and not run away.

Sam walked around with us pretty well. He tried to steal and throw water bottles at every table and he didn't understand the concept of taking ONE piece of candy. Maya had a ball!! She was so excited to see some spooky (or as she says it, "booky") things.

We kept moving and made the rounds pretty quickly. We decided not to take any chances and left on a good note. I was on cloud nine the whole ride home because we actually did something all together.

I am very glad we went because the real Halloween was preceded by a huge nor'easter. The Saturday before we were hit with snow and ice that downed power lines and knocked the power out for days. We had a few dark cold nights but we were in better shape than many since we got power back for good by the tuesday followong the storm. The storm was prodigious. During the snow a bunch of us on our street stood outside to survey the snowfall and every few minutes we would hear a loud "crack" and another huge branch would fall. Maya got some good snow play time on Sunday. Sam had a number of fits because he couldn't flick the light switches or listen to music. Many schools closed for a few days due to power problems and tree damage. On the "real" Halloween I took the kids to a few houses but due to all the ice and branches on the ground we were limited.

The photos:

Zoo Boo

The snow:

Maya having fun:

Keeping the baby warm because we had no power/heat: