Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recent Projects, Baby Hannah, and Sam with Water

I recently made Maya two skirts using an Oliver and S free pattern. You can make your own using these very EASY directions:

The bottom skirt is made from a great remnant I got at the fabric store and some pretty blue ribbon. The top one is polka dot Riley Blake fabric with ric rac trim. Maya LOVES them and has worn them every day this week. I think I will need to make a few more soon. SHe calls them her big girl skirts and tell me she is going to wear them to school.

The project below is a knit necklace I made my sister for her birthday. The kit is from Jimmy Beans Wool ( the yarn is a beautiful silk/merino blens and the tiny beads are glass. I designed some simple earrings to go with it to make a nice set. I hope they wear well.

We have been adjusting to life with three children. Hannah is a pretty easy going baby as long as mommy is in sight. She does not get through the night without nursing a few times but I don't really mind. She goes to bed in her crib and then after her first wake-up she sleeps with me. She is growing FAST. At five months she was 17 lbs 6 oz. Since she was born earlier in the year than Maya and she is growing faster my goal of trying to only re-use Maya's clothes is not going to work out (I got her a few things of her own at first but I was hoping to limit the shoppingas much as possible). I caved and bought her more short sleeve items to last into the early fall. There she is on my lap.

Maya loves to be a big sister but she has some jealousy to manage. She also wants desperately to play with Hannah and finds it hard to be gentle. She is not displaying anything out of the normal range of sibling adjustment. Whenever I take a picture of Hannah, Maya wants in on the action.

Sam loves water as much as he did last year. He has a water table on the deck which I fill a few times a day. He has various items thathe dunks and then lines up on the table or the railing. He also has Mega Blocks (like large legos) that he lines up on the table upside down. THen he sucks up a mouthful of water and fills each block to the brim. Then he knocks them off the table and repeats. The only problem with the water play is that he ends up drinking a lot of the water. He pees and pees all afternoon and then wets the bed at night. I think I am going to have to cut off the water play at 4 from now on to see if that helps. He refuses to go back to pull ups at night (and I don't really want to anyway). Here is my tall handsome boy with a selection of water filled items:

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