Monday, April 11, 2011


Blogger won't let me write in paragraphs. Sam's most recent addition to his constant stim routine is spitting. He pools his saliva in his mouth then sticks out his tongue and lets it drop. Sometimes he then rubs the puddle with his foot and other times he lets it stay. He used to do this every so often but it wasn't enough to get worked up over. A couple of months ago his spitting began to increase in frequency. Now it is almost constant. He has also started blowing raspberries in my face when he leans in close. Lovely. The spitting bothers me but it bothers my husband even more. I don't think Sam knows what I mean when I say "no spit". Either that or it is so far beyond his control that he can't resist. Yelling about it is useless. His school has him on a behavior plan for it and they are seeing a reduction. I haven't seen any reduction at home. I have asked for suggestions for a home behavior plan but I am having even less luck getting home program support than before. Grrr.

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Homeschooling Special Kids said...

My son did this for a good year or so. I doubt he doesn't know what you mean but I think at least for my son it was a sensory thing that was essentially beyond his control. He is so impulsive when it comes to sensory things. He also used to lick cold things like the shopping cart and freezer doors at the store. For that I tried using suckers in public to stimulate his mouth in a more appropriate way.