Friday, November 5, 2010

Obviously, wallowing in self-pity is not a long term solution so I have to make another plan. A reader suggested a child proof door handle cover and to be honest, I never thought of that. I bought one this morning and I am going to try it tonight. If Sam simply tries to turn the door knob, he will not be able to get out. The problem is, most of our house is absolute crap due to years of not being able to properly maintain it. The basement is gross, the windows are drafty, the back room is barely insulated. Along with that, none of the bedroom doors close properly. I have slowly been trying to replace the doorknobs that are so old they no longer turn. The doors also need planing since they don't quite match up witht he frames anymore. Sam's room has a door I fixed up a while ago but it doesn't quite latch close as securely as I would like. All it takes is a good shove and you don't need to turn the door know. So, if all Sam tries to do is turn the knob, it will probably stay shut but if he pulls, even without turning, it may open and then I will be back to hold the door closed. I bought a lock I can put on if necessary but I would liek to try all options that don't make me feel like a horrible person first.

I also bought Sam a long body pillow to try to make his bed more cocoon-like. I don't think that will have any major effect but the pillows were on sale.

Wish us all a good night's sleep.

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