Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Won!

See below:

Do you ever tell stories that start "My friend's brother's girlfriend's roommate . . . " - there are some connections we have that seem so distant. How did I end up religiously reading a blog about adoption from Ethiopia? Back before Autism, right after Sam was born, I was sure our next child would be adopted. My niece was adopted from China and her parents suggested I check out Gladney because the man who helped them with her adoption now works there (or did a few years ago, I have never spoken to him). I was drawn to their Ethiopia program. I read about their process to get familiar with everything involved and I followed the blogs of a few families who published their stories. Lori Rooney's blog is one I was drawn to. She makes me wish I lived in Portland.

Fast forward to now. Sam is five and severely Autistic. We have 2 year old Maya. Along the way, adoption plans had to be put off the table. The money, the travel away from Sam - all too much. I sponsor a child through CHildren's Hope Chest (who is in an orphanage but is not available for adoption). The Rooneys are in the process of adoption their second child, a five year old girl. They held a raffle to help with their travel expenses. Up for grabs was a handmade doll by a very crafty lady whose blog I also read from time to time (for the craft projects, not the adoption stories). This woman's name is Autumn and her blog inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and get it tuned up. I haven't actually had time to use it yet but maybe soon. . .

I still read Lori Rooney's blog because I enjoy her writing style and the issues she raises. I made a donation to enter the raffle and I won! I would like to use the doll as a "big sister" gift for Maya when the baby comes. Sam's disability requires that he get a certain amount of attention. A new baby will also need a lot of attention. We will, of course, try to make sure Maya gets the attention she needs as well but it will be nice to be able to give her a really special gift. I might even order an extra when I know if the baby is a boy or a girl. The gender is written on an piece of paper in an envelope in my car. I haven't looked.

The dolls look like this:

Autumn has an etsy shop. Check out her items.

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Autumn and Dan's family said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to see a familiar blog/mom who won! I'll be excited to make Maya a big sister doll!
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Our due dates are very close!