Friday, November 12, 2010

It. . .might. . .be . . .working. .

We started the Clonidine a while back. The first doses didn't work, at least not enough to get him through the night. I added a child proof door knob cover. It didn't work (b/c Sam wouldn't give up and door sucks). I took a long hard look at our medicine experience and decided it was time to re-evaluate. I do not feel that any of the manipulations of the Risperdal have helped Sam. I have weaned him off. I DID see some minor effects from the Clonidine. It helped him throught the first half of the night and it seemed to affect his mood during the first part of the day as well. He was a little calmer and happier. I spoke to the neurologist yet again and she gave me the go ahead to try slight increases in the Clonidine. Last night Sam got 1 3/4 tablets (.1 mg tablets) and he slept soundly until 4:15 am. It was great ( Of course, Maya still woke up but she usually just needs to check in). Tonight we go to 2 tablets and that is our limit. We are going to focus on this for now and just worry about getting Sam's sleep under control. Two people with no knowledge of his medication have commented on how happy he seems lately so I think that is a good sign. If it works, I will just have to re-train MYSELF to sleep through the night.

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Laura Giletti said...

I'm crossing my fingers that this does the trick. You have struggled to find a solution for a long time.