Thursday, October 14, 2010


Do you believe in signs? I don't know what I think. But today I thought I was being pointed in a certain direction when I visited the new program Sam may attend.

Many months ago, one a particularly bad day I sat on my deck with my head in my hands and cried (this happened many times but this day was important to the story). My nearly 90 year old neighbor spoke to me a little later in the yard. She asked about Sam and about me. I don't remember how it happened but somehow in the conversation she offered me one of her statues of "the blessed mother". I think it came up because I mentioned that one of Mark's patients gave him a saint card for Sam and I asked what she knew about that one. How do you turn down the offer of a statue of one of your neighbor's most sacred figures? SHe gave me a very simple white figure of Mary. It is in my dining room and when I walk by I am reminded of all the things mothers go through. WHen I arrived at Sam's new program, which turns out to be housed in a Catholic School, th, essentially living with our hearts outside of our bodies. There was almost the exact same statue right out front. I realize that is not huge but it struck me as I saw it.

In a previous post, I mentioned hearing about an Episcopal church that has a service for families who have members with Autism. When I visited Sam's new program I found out that the church is about a block from the site and, in fact, they rent 2 classrooms there as well. I accidentally drove by in on my way home. Another sign?

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Stranded said...

Oh totally! Signs signs :)