Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sam had an odd episode last night. He woke up wet, which hasn't happened in a long time, at about 1am. I took him to the bathroom and changed his clothes. I put him back to bed but he couldn't sleep. He hummed and bounced for about 2 hours. During that time Maya woke a few times (she tends to wake up hungry because she refuses to eat dinner - seriously, I can't get her to eat after 5 o'clock). I am sure all Sam's noises didn't help her relax. At about 3 am Sam came out of his room and I broke with the behavior plan and let him come to our bed like he wanted. Pregnant me was just to tired to fight him the rest of the night. He fell asleep in the middle of our bed and rested very well. It wasn't exactly comfortable for us but at least no one was crying. At about 4 am Sam started making an odd noise in his sleep. My husband thought it sounded like chewing but to me it sounded like lip smacking. Either way, it went on for a few minutes then stopped. Then it repeated a few times. He didn't wake at all.

I looked that up this morning because I thought I had read something about odd motor movements being connected to a certain type of seizure. Lip smacking in sleep or along with zoning out can be a sign of Partial Complex Seizures.

I called the neurologist about the sleep issue and to ask if the lip smacking sounded like a seizure. As I expected, she can't say for sure. We would have to do a video EEG to learn more. I am thinking about it but I have no idea if Sam could tolerate it. As for the sleep, she advised increasing the Risperdal slightly for the next few days to see if that helps. If he is able to establish a good pattern, slowly lower it again. IF it has no effect, reduce and try Clonidine.

I hope one of these options works but I suspect we will battle to insomnia demon for the rest of our lives. I am trying to see if I can spare a sick day from my maternity leave to take a nap.

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Stranded said...

This sounds so hard seriously. Getting medical tests done is tough, like the EEG which is so dependant on something happening at the very instant they are doing the test....

I don't know, behavior management can only go so far if a child is sick and having seizures, behavior plans can become like torture for them.