Sunday, October 3, 2010


So the district seems open to considering other placements. My case manager told me on the DL that she was pretty sure she was going to get this call from me b/c of my comments at Sam's last IEP meeting and she pointed otu Sam's test scores to the director. I want to see the other public program but I also want them to show me what other options might be available. I am supposed to speak to the director directly tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us.

On the sleep front, Sam is doing better. He often wakes up at 5 which isn't exactly the best thing but sometimes I can convince him to lie in bed with me for half an hour or so. On most days I have to get up at that point anyway. Unfortunately, a few days after Sam started sleeping through, Maya started waking again. She started sleeping a bit better this weekend. I really hope their sleep patterns even out before I have to deal with newborn night wakings again.

As for the pregnancy, I told my boss but I asked her to hold off spreading the word until all testing is complete. I am almost at 17 weeks and I don't know how much longer I can stay out of maternity clothes. I am much sicker with this one than the last. For me, it has been worse each time. Since I still have nausea and I still throw up from time to time, I am afraid it may be this way the whole time. The worst is when I take my prenatal vitamins - about 20 minutes later I lose everything in my gut. Fun.

There are moments when I think having another child is a great idea - times like when Maya chases Sam or he chases her and they laugh together. Other times, I think I have made a big mistake. Not that the child is unwanted or anything but that s/he may be more than I can handle. I won't be able to go to a grocery store or do much of anything unless I get serious help or my husband is able to set up a different schedule. I am not sure I can deal with even MORE isolation.

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Stranded said...

sister, I know we all have our beliefs, but in our belief, you would not be having a child if it wasn't already decreed for you and if you were not able to do it. Believe in your ability. May God bring this child as a relief for your trials, inshaAllah.