Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moments of Normal

Every so often it is possible to look at what is going on in our house and not notice anything about Autism. Sam has recently figured out how to play chase with his little sister. Unfortunately the way her asks her is to walk up to her, pinch her and run away but it often does the trick and the two of them circle the house in a chorus of laugher. Sam has also started to realize that he can chase Maya too (much to her delight). He doesn't like the game as much that way but with a little nudge from me, he can sometimes be persuaded. Add dad to the mix and both kids are in total ecstasy. They both get to run away and to be tickled. Maya insists that dad yell "yar!" as he chases them (she associates this sound with dinosaurs and pirates). There is very little else they would choose over this game. When they are running and laughing together, you hardly notice Sam isn't really using any clear language. It is all squeals and laughs from everyone involved.


Homeschooling Special Kids said...

Oh I have those moments plenty when everything seems so normal, and then we have a more normal day and I remember why we run to therapies all the time. :)

Stranded said...

Decided to come online and pay a visit. Loved catching up, especially this post. God bless you!