Saturday, January 29, 2011

broken bones

Maya's kimono sweater. I love how easy the pattern was and I think I will whip up another with some other yarn I have.

First pair of baby booties.

Second pair with a yarn I LOVE (Malabrigo 100% merino)

Matching hat

I also made an olive/burgundy baby blanket and I started a burgundy baby sweater.

I also have this lovely organic merino wool waiting to be knit.

But it may be a while before I can knit because I fell on some ice on Tuesday and I broke my left arm in 3 places. I spent the day and most of the night in the hospital having the baby checked and then getting surgery (awake with a nerve block b/c of pregnancy). I guess I am lucky it was my left arm since I can still do some things. The kids are freaked out and giving dad a very hard time when he has to do something I would usually do. Both are having a hard time sleeping. My arm should heal up by the time the baby is due. sigh.

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