Sunday, July 18, 2010

this weekend

Our first try with medication a few months ago included Trileptal (since his EEG suggested seizures and meds can trigger) and Risperdal (tiny dose). As I do with most interventions, I thought I saw something change but it didn't last. I don't feel those meds helped him. Sam's school disagreed and felt they saw something but I suspect it may just have been a touch of development.

I had two additional therapists come to the house and describe to me what they saw as Sam's biggest obstacles to learning. They both felt his EXTREME inability to focus and need to stim are the issues. We have done years of ABA and OT to address behavioral and sensory needs - we need somethign stronger. I used their feedback when I met with the neurologist and we made a new plan. We are trying Adderall (fraction of a dose for now). This med is for ADD/ADHD. SHe warned me that is may have the opposite effect on Sam since that seems to be the case with many autistic kids. He still takes the Risperdal at night to try to help with sleep issues (still no better - up most of last night). I suspect that we will take that one away soon since I don't think it is doing much. I know many other people who have had good luck with it but I don't see much - either it doesn't work for him or he needs a higher dose.

The medication is not in place of any of the other work we do. Sam will continue in his school and home programs - we just hope the medication helps him learn more effectively.

The first two days were interesting. Sam is starting on half of his prescribed dose. He WAS calmer for a few hours but it didn't last. By 11:30 he was wired again. He was up from 2 am until 5:30am. Same thing today- calm until midday. I am curious to see what happens when he gets the full dose.

So we continue.

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KAL said...

Good luck with the Adderall - I hate that there's so much wait-and-see. It's so frustrating that these meds affect every child so differently. But right now, most of all, I am sorry you were up from 2 am to 5:30. I know those nights well.