Friday, July 16, 2010

The Neurologist

What I like about her:

-She can usually see us within a couple of weeks of our calling.
-She returns calls promptly.
-At each appointment she tries to give Sam as full an exam as he can tolerate.
-She watches him, tries to talk to him and asks me questions about his behavior.
-She doesn't rush us through the appointment.
-She doesn't push medication.
-At each change she asks about my comfort level with the medication.

What I don't like:

-There is often a significant wait for the appointment (I know it is because her style is not to rush people but Sam doesn't do well in waiting rooms).
-She is 1/2 hour away (which I realize is nothing to people in other parts of the country) so with the wait and the drive, an appointment takes up a chunk of the day.
-She doesn't speak to Sam like a therapist so she doesn't get much of a response. She writes A, B, and C on a piece of paper and asks Sam 3 times in rapid succession to show her which one is B. He stares off in the opposite direction and waves his arms. A therapist would write them on separate cards or pieces of paper and say simply "touch B" or "show me B". I know this shows a deficit in his skills but to her it looks like he has NO skills.
-SHE ALWAYS SAYS THE WRONG THING. It is just a lack of tact but it is frustrating. At one appointment a few months back, as we were leaving, she looked down at my daughter and said "she doesn't say much". The suggestion was there. Maybe you have another one. In truth, Maya talks non-stop in most situations. The exception is a doctor's office. This past appointment she told me Sam reminded me of another patient she has. I said "oh yeah?" expecting some kind of advice about something that helped the other child. Instead she continued to tell me this other child is 13, can't talk and won't even get off the bus to go to school. His parents have a lot of trouble with him. Really? Thanks. Way to give me something to look forward to.

We have a new plan. I will post about it once we get started. Cross your fingers, pray, send positive energy, and/or think positive thoughts on our behalf.

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KAL said...

Fingers crossed, prayers said. You know, I have similar issues with our neurologist but because he's supposed to be top-notch I seethe about them after the fact. I'm sorry yours appears to lack a sensitive gene but hope she has come up with a stellar plan.