Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Ready for the Week

We are running around making last minute preparations for this week. Early tomorrow morning I will drag the kids out of bed at about 5:15 (of course they may be up already)and drive my husband to the hospital. He is having a hip resurfacing procedure (similar to a replacement). This is his second procedure - he had the other hip done a couple of years ago. The recovery is rough. He will be able to walk but slowly and with crutches. It will be a while before he has full stability. Once recovered though he should be in better shape than he has been in years. He has been in tremendous pain for many years. Unfortunately, our financial issues have prevented him from being able to take the time to get this done. We aren't exactly in a great position right now but he can either do it now or wait until next summer when I am home again and able to care for him. It will be tough on all of us. Mark is not responsible for much of the child care but after the surgery he will not be able to do any for at least a month, probably longer.

On the sleep front, Sam just had two great nights. It may just be chance but I have a theory. I think the bottle of melatonin we had been using may have been defective. I switched to a new brand (same dose) and we got two nights of great sleep. I guess time will tell on that one. Now if only I could get Maya to sleep. She still wakes like a newborn most nights. I think some of it is behavioral - those months of continuing to nurse when my milk supply was so low led to lots of middle of the night feedings and she never dropped the habit. Also, I think she just gets hungry. There are days when she hardly eats anything and I think she wakes up feeling empty. I am trying to get her to eat more but she is stubborn.

With the medicine, things seem to be going well. The week we just finished was tough but Sam was ill with a fever ( I suspect roseola since he has a blotchy rash today). Since the fever went away, Sam has been very calm. He has been stimming less in the morning and he has been much better in the evenings. I took both kids to Trader Joe's yesterday. Maya rode in the cart and I held onto Sam's hand as we shopped. When I was checking out I wanted to help bag but I was afraid to let go of his hand. I gave it a shot and Sam just stood by the wall and waited for me. Had I tried this a little while ago Sam would have run off and pulled things off shelves. Again, this could just be a fluke and not the meds so time will tell on this one as well.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting. Hopefully we will all make it through with our sanity.

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