Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feeling better

Funny how I only seem to want to post when I am in a bad mood. I am feeling better today so I am going to try to post somethign more positive. Sam's poop issues are still driving me bananas. I don't know what is going on. I think it may be something Freud could comment on since I think there is some control/sensation issue involved. I am also looking at his diet. He has been eating more fruit and I wonder if things are moving more quickly than he is used to? I had to throw away the little trampoline we had in the family room last night. I want paint too detailed a picture for you but imaging play doh going through the spaghetti maker? Yeah. gross.

I finished grading a huge number of research papers so that weight is off my shoulders.

I am gearing up for Sam's IEP meeting. I just got his re-eval reports and basically he is functioning in the <1 percentile. That is pretty much as low as you can score. His scores have not increased in two years of this school program (although he has made some gains, they are not measurable). I am going to write a detailed letter tonight saying that I expect them to increase his services since clearly the program with which he has been provided is not the most "appropriate" for his level of functioning.

Maya is talking up a storm and adding new words every day. It is very cute to hear her in her crib yell out "Hear I come!".

Both kids are enjoying the nice weather. We have worked hard to set up the backyard like a playgrounf. Today will be fun for them.

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