Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yard Sales

I love yard sales. I am slowly becoming one those crazy ladies who makes a quick zip around a corner if I see a sign on a telephone pole. I get even more excited if I can park right next to the sale so that I don't have to bring both kids out of the car. I take a quick look around to see if the sellers have toddler clothes or toys and then I make selections or leave. I have found some incredible deals. Take last weekend - Mark was home on a Saturday (very rare) so I went to the post offic ewith just Maya in tow. We drove by one yard sale on the way home which was a no go. THe second stop was a hit. The family had about ten big plastic bins outside in the driveway. They were closed because it was raining off and on. I stepped out of the car and asked if they had children's clothes. They said yes. I asked if they had stuff for a toddler girl and they said "That's all we have here!" Their price? 2 for $1. A steal right?Especiallly considering most of the stuff was from The Children's Place. As I began to gather an armful of stuff, they offered me a clear garbage bag and said fill it and pay $5 bag. I filled two. I got two bags full of 2T and 3T clothes for Maya for $9 (I was short a dollar bill and as I counted change to reach the 10 they said 9 was fine). I think I may have actually done a little jig as I carried the bags to the car. I counted the items up when I got home - 55 items for $9. Why such a deal? I think they were worried that with the rain they might not have many people show up. Also, the wife works with autistic children and as we talked while I looked, out mutual interest came up.

Now just to let you know how obsessed I can get, I went back a little later to see what was left. I got another 22 item for $11. Maya has all the 2T jeans, shirts, skirts, sweatshirts etc she could
possibly want.

Some of my favorites:

Today I got a Parent's Magazine brand wooden trike and a toy vacuum cleaner for $12.

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AutisticWisdom said...

Nice deals you got! WOW!