Thursday, December 24, 2009

ZZZZZZZ - for Sam, at least

We changed to different Melatonin and upped the dose a tad. That seems to have done the trick. The type we tried came in a little glass bottle with a little dropper. 4 dropper = 1mg of melatonin. The dropper did not have a measure anywhere on it so there was no way to know if the dose was accurate. I switched to a different bottle (from the same company). The dosing is 2 tsp = 2.5 mg. Since 2.5 mg was our next dose, I gave it a try. Sam has slept through every night this week. He wakes early but I would rather have hims up at 5/6 each day than up racing around for hours in the middle of the night. The only problem is that Sam HATES the taste so I have to force feed it to him with a dropper every night. I have now ordered capsules that I can mixed with fruit puree.

Sleep seems to be benefitting Sam in a number of ways. The dark circles under his eyes are much better. In addition, his personality seems a bit different. He is more emotional but in a good way. He actually seems to feel it when he is scolded these days. He is more social as well. Even though he still doesn't play appropriately, he wants company; someone to sit near him while he stims. He also asks for "gickle" constantly (chase and tickle).

Now, if only I could get Maya to sleep soundly I would be one rested mama. Maya wakes at least twice a night and need a lot of comfort to get back to sleep. I would gladly bring her into our bed and just co-sleep but she doesn't want that. She wants me to hold her or to bring her downstairs to cuddle on the couch. The doctor told me to make her "cry it out" but the doctor hasn't seen Maya turn herself blue holding her breathe. I just don't have the heart. Maybe when I meet a deeper level of desperation.

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