Wednesday, December 30, 2009

EEG in a few hours

It is 4 am and in a few hours I will drive Sam to the hospital for his EEG. I was supposed to do this a while ago but the whole idea made me want to pass out in horror. Keep Sam up most of the night? Put electrodes on his head (still don';t know how they will do that)? I gave myself a kick in the pants a few weeks ago and so we are getting it done on our break from schooll/work. I got 3 different sets of directions on when to wake Sam so i went with the set that allowed me to sleep until 2 am (well, sort of since the baby woke at midnight). Sam wouldn't wake at first, he just slept on me for a while. It has been so long since he snuggled like a baby that I let him stay for about 20 minutes.

Then he started to wake. Oh boy. He wanted "night night". He hasn't slept without melatonin for weeks and TONIGHT he wants night night. He cried, he yelled, he hit me, he threw things. He even tried to lift me at one point to get me to take him back to bed (he is 4 1/2). This went on for nearly an hour and a half.

Finally, I calmed him down with a waffle. I hoped it would trick him into thinking we were doing our morning routine. It seems to have worked.

At 8 am the hospital staff will attempt the EEG. I am trying to have confidence that the staff are used to special needs kids. They must have methods to get them to wear the electrodes. RIght? I will be royally pissed if they can't do the test.

So what makes a good outcome? If he has seizure activity then the poor guy might need meds and we have to worry about these seizures. If he doesn't have seizures going on then we have no new options. Nothing to add to what we are doing (which seems to be getting us nearly nowhere). I honestly don't know what I am hoping for. From what I understand the mostly likely outcome will be that the test is inconclusive and we will just (still) be tired.

Has anyone out there learned anything interesting from an EEG?


Rossa Forbes said...

Well, good luck! I will be very surprised if they find anything. Please let us know the outcome.

Laura Giletti said...

Seizures are not as scary as they sound and can actually be quite effectively treated. I did research on them when my nephew started to have seizures. He's now doing well and has been seizure-free for a few years.

Because of effective diagnostic tools, like the EEG, they have been able to broaden the criteria, and of course the meds are so much more effective these days.

Hugs and I hope things went well today.

Stranded said...

Hey what made you want to do the test? Did a doctor recommend them? We live in Socialist Canada, so we are a slave to what the doctor will and will not allow us to get as a medical service.