Thursday, March 29, 2012


We have wondered whether or not Sam is having seizures ever since his "abnormal" EEG. The report says the abnormal activity could be partial complex seizures. To get more conclusive information we would have to do an inpatient EEG with video. Since Sam would likely tear off his own flesh to remove the wires, we haven't done that yet.

A while back, when Sam went through a phase during which he flipped otu if I wasn't in his bed, I noticed some strange mouth movements when he was sleeping. When he started coming into our room in the middle of the night we saw these movements again. It is kind of like a sucking/chewing/lipsmacking motion that happens repeatedly throughout the night. I mentioned it to the various neurologists and they said the only way to know if it was seizure related was to do that inpatient EEG but neither of them seemed in a rush to do that.

Recently, Sam began to make foam in his mouth during this motion. We have twice seen a big gob of foam on his mouth in his sleep. I called and he has asked us to try to film it so he can get a look at it. I got a picture of the foam the other day but the motion had stopped by the time I got my Flip cam. So, we will keep watch and try to get it recorded. And I have a feeling we may have to do that inpatient EEG at some point in the near future.

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Stranded said...

Its so hard to catch these things. I wish there was a more conclusive test...

My son has tics or what look like tics, I dont knwo what they are, they are jerky hand movements etc, sometimes in his sleep.

In canada, no one wants to look at him anymore. Its like a dead end.