Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hannah was born a year ago tomorrow. She nearly came six weeks earlier when I broke my arm in three places and almost went into early labor. I exhaled when the doctor said, "It's a girl!" As you can see from the picture I still had a cast on my arm. Getting her in and out of the hospital bassinet was not always easy! She nursed right away without issue and she cried when they took her away from me to clean her up and check her out.

Here she is wearing the booties I knit her. They were the best!

She loves to watch her sister.

Big bright blue eyes.

Lucky for us there are 3 spots on the swingset!
The ipad is a big hit in our house. Sam is learning Proloquo2go, Maya loves games, and Hannah like to try to copy both of them. I think this would make a great poster for Apple.


Big smile.

We still spend a lot of time like this. Early on we used the Moby wrap and now we use the Ergo carrier. She can't settle down to nap with the constant Sam noise so when she looks like she is fading, I put her in the carrier to nap.

Happy Birthday!

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Stranded said...

What a sweet sweet bundle.
we had the same issue with my little one, she would sleep in the carrier and I had to carry her around the house all day because K went nuts for a few months after she was born. But now she is 14months and she sleeps on her own in her crib in her room, and her brother still wants to wake her up when she is sleeping, but at least he sleeps through the night on most nights so both of them get a good nights sleep.

You looked lovely right after she was born! You are really beautiful in that first picture :D