Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That green and tan thing is Sam's knee and his hand is right above it. He is chilling out for a bit since he got up long before the crack of dawn.

Sam has a thing for pillows. As soon as he started sleeping in a bed, he started putting pillow on his face as he went to sleep. It freaked me out and I used to move them as soon as he was out. He would just put them back as soon as he noticed. He also love the couch cushions and as soon as he was able he made a habit of knocking them off the couch and onto the floor.

At about age 4 he started dragging his bed pillows around the house and sitting with them downstairs. Becuase they tended to get dirty we designated two pillows as Sam's downstairs pillows. They stay downstairs and if the pillow cases get food, drink or other mess on them we don't care. When Sam sits at the table he often suqeezes a pillow between his lap and the table.

On the rare occasions when Sam is not moving and aggitated it is usually because he has sqeezed himself into a den of pillows (think Temple Grandin's squeeze machine).

Sometimes he gets obsessive about pillows. Every so often he wakes up feeling funky and upset. Those days he will wait at he gait making grumpy noises and holding all his bed pillows as well as his down comforter. If you try to make him leave those things in his room it will result in a full blown meltdown.

For a long time Sam would not sleep with any covers, even in the middle of winter. I put them on his bed anyway but he wouldn't use them. This past winter he realized that his down comforter is like a pillow. Now, even in the middle of summer he piles the whole thing in a jumbled mass on top of himself when he goes to bed.

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Tiffany said...

Good post. It is amazing how he loves those pillows so much. So cute. Thanks for sharing.