Thursday, July 21, 2011

Emergency Plans

I have had a number of quiet panics over the past few months about what I would do with Sam in a real emergency. I started to worry about it when I broke my arm and had surgery this winter. Taking care of the kids on my own while pregnant with a broken arm was. . .interesting. The massive snow storms were dangerous. Now we are in a heat wave. I am thinking about that huge blackout years back. . .

What if we lost power and had to go to a cooling center or a shelter? What would I do with Sam? He does not have major medical needs but his behavioral issues would cause a disaster. He can't sit still for more than a few seconds. He would run and jump all over other people's stuff. He would grab their water bottles and tip them upside down. He would throw things everywhere and spit on people. We have no way to control him despite hours of consultation with behaviorists and therapists. He does not have the receptive language skills to understand why we need him to stop. He is ruled by hyperactivity and compulsion. Even holding him by the hand doesn't bring him down when he gets worked up.

So what would we do? Get in the car and drive until the power is back on? Drive to a state with power and find a cheap motel room and hope not to catch anything gross (I have a thing about hotels/motels)? I have no idea. This needs some thought.

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