Saturday, June 25, 2011

Milk and Nice People

Yesterday afternoon, while I was helping Maya figure out a new game, Sam stole the carton of milk from the fridge and threw it around the living room. The rug was saturated and the piano had a big puddle on top.

As I cleaned up after dinner, Sam grabbed the salad spinner out of the sink and threw the leftover salad all over kitchen.

That was day one of the countdown until ESY begins for Sam. Come on, July 5th. .

On the positive side, neighbors have been calling me from various stores to see if I need anything. It is an amazingly helpful thing. Yesterday, a friend from work picked up bread and dish soap and this morning a neighbor brought over bagels. Since, when Mark is at work (6 days a week), I am homebound with the kiddos, I can't run out to get little thing like that when we need them.

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