Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diet Romance

I have been flirting with the idea of putting Sam back on a gluten free diet. We are pretty confident Dairy free did nothing for him last time around. He doesn't like milk and only eat sheese and yogurt anyway. I think I am thinking about it because one of the books I have had to rescue from Sam is Special Diets for Special Kids. I didn't find it to helpful the first time we did "the diet" because Sam couldn't have eggs and many of the recipes called for eggs. He has been cleared by the allergist to eat eggs now so I might get more use out of it. I re-read her story at the beginning of the book and it sounds so similar to ours.

I bought a bunch of gluten free products at the store today and when I checked out and realized the cost I had second thoughts . . .

THose of you out there who are GF, what do you do for lunch? Sam has to bring lunch to school and I haven't found (or made) a decent GF bread. GF pasta doesn't re-heat well. I am at a loss (I have already read the TACA site).

I don't know if we are going to head down this read again or not but I am going to at least start introducing more GF foods into his diet this week to see what he tolerates.

Anyone out there with a success story?

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AutisticWisdom said...


We do gluten free but not casein free. For bread, you have to try and see what Sam likes because they taste different and have different textures. Alanna likes potato bread and corn pasta, which in my opinion also taste the best (as opposed to rice). Alanna loves macaroni and cheese and you are right in that pasta doesn't reheat well but it does with Cheese Whiz. Now, if you are casein free, your options are more limited and I can't help you there yet.

Like anything then - best option is to try a variety of both pastas and breads and see what holds up. Does he like apple sauces, fruit, veggies, pudding, yogurt? Those would pack up nicely in a lunch.