Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We have something going on here that I really wasn't sure would ever happen - Sam is using the toilet! He has a week and a half off from school (he went back this past Monday). The school has repeatedly told me not to try potty training at home until he was on a 2 hour schedule at school. I respected their wishes until this break. I felt that putting him in diapers the whole time would be a waste. It took about 2 days for him to "get" that what he did at school was the same thing as what we were going for on the home toilet. Then he stayed dry the rest of the week. He won't request the bathroom but as long as I take him on a regular basis, he pees like a champ. Poop is a whole other story. I have known some typical children who took 6 months or more to poop in the toilet so I imagine I am in for months of undie washing. I happened to catch him squatting this afternoon though and I grabbed him and ran him to the bathroom. We had a success and he got a lollipop right away. I don't imagine that any light bulbs went off in his head but hopefully I will "catch" him as often as I can! SO, is he potty trained? No, but he is at least on the way.

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