Saturday, April 4, 2009

tomatis listening therapy

We are trying a new therapy called the Tomatis Listening Program. We are using the lovely people at Bergen Pediatric Therapy in Westwood, NJ. They are fantastic - I recommend them to anyone looking for a sensory integration approach to OT. Sam completed the first loop (15 days@ 1 1/2 hours a day). I haven't seen any gains in language so far although I my husband I and I both think we have seen him be more affectionate with my husband. I hope that with the second and third loops we see more gains. It is so hard to know what hterapies to try. Everything cost so much money and each one is a gamble.

In a few weeks we are going to see a "holistic" doctor who also know the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) approach. DAN! is very controversial but I feel like we have to try eveything.

At the moment Sam attends an ABA based school for autistic students, gets Spectrum COmplete (a multivitamin.mineral supplement from Kirkman Labs), DHA/fish oil, and we just started a high strength pro-biotic (Three-Lac). We also do one private OT session a week.

Maya, our second child, is 11 months now at she is right on target with her development - such a relief. She makes great eye contact, responds to her name, points at things she is interested in, babbles, dances, crawls, pulls up and eveything else an 11 month old should do.

What are we doing differently? I refused the flu shot when I was pregnant. It contains mercury and if getting the flu during certain critical periods of pregnancy is a risk factor for the child developing schizophrenia (which has been found in studies), why PUT flu in my body on purpose? In addition, we are using a alternative vaccine schedule. She gets no more than one shot at a time and we are putting off any vaccines for diseases she won't be exposed to as a baby. She will get them but when she is older. We believe vaccines are important as a public health factor but after learning about what they contain, I can't see ever injecting a tiny baby with ALL of them. I recommend The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears for anyone who wants to know what each brand of vaccine contains.


Jeannie said...

So much to agree with you here. We put our daughter on a slower shot schedule as well. She's nearly 2 and is right on schedule with her development. She's very chatty.

One thing that worked well for Mr. Busypants was swimming. Every time we go on vacation and swim a lot, he comes home with major gains.

It's smart of you to try everything you can and to do so with caution since there's so much junk out there.

Good luck with the therapies.

P.S. Got to your site through a comment you left on Autism Sucks. I write on that site occasionally as well.

Emma said...

Thanks for the swimming tip - I imagine it helps with sensory issues b/c of the deep pressure/body awareness it creates. My son loves to be in water.

Emma said...
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