Friday, April 17, 2009

DAN! appointment

We had our first DAN! appointment yesterday. It was much more pleasant than I expected. Sam's behavior was horrible, of course. He threw things around the office, ran around and climbed the furniture. The doctor, though, was very mellow. I almost went to another DAN practitioner back in the fall but my quack radar went off when she told me she would sell me lots of supplements before we got any test results. Also, she charged $500 for the first appointment and she isn't even a doctor! I cancelled the appointment with her. I heard about the woman we did go see from another family and they felt very at ease with her. She didn't try to sell me anything, she didn't insist we immediately go back to gf/cf or anything like that - she is going to wait for test results before making recommendations. We just paid for the office visit and we will have to pay for labwork -EXPENSIVE!!! I am not going to harp on all the prices though. I made up my mind before we went to the appointment that we were just going to go for it. Sam will be 4 in a little over a week and I feel like our window is closing. I am hoping for major gains before he turns 5.

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Amy Bottomly said...

Thanks for the blog comments! Oh the pacifiers... Tonight a friend told me about the whole buck teeth scare...Yikes. I guess if that happens, oh well! Braces will fix it!:)