Saturday, December 31, 2011


I tried to make sure a decent portion of the gifts I gave this year were handmade. People at work got ribbon scarves or ornaments. A good friend got knit fingerless gloves. These kimono sweatshirts were easy and fun to make. I got the pattern from Stitch magazine but I had to figure out the 3T size myself. I ended up giving these to the girls before the holidays because I couldn't wait to see if they fit.

Finding gifts for Sam is always tough. This tin of popcorn (kinda gross, I know) was a big hit and he was very excited. He seemed to know it was his. We also got him a set of bristle blocks but so far they haven't been as great as I had hoped. Maybe they will grow on him.

I knit Hannah a sweater that came out very well although it is too big at the moment. I also need to tighten up the button holes or put on new buttons.

I finally gave Hannah the quilt I made for her this summer. It is my first quilt and I can't wait to make another one.

I also made the girls matching jumper dresses but somehow I managed to forget to take a picture. They may not get worn much at the moment because Hannah is crawling like crazy and so dresses are not the best option for her. The style is very easy though and I expect it will still fit when she walks.

The girsl got stuff that was not handmade as well. Hannah has a nice selection of noisy rattles and an adorable pair of shoes. Maya also got shoes (she loves shoes. . . ) and a "big girl doll". It was not one of THOSE dolls that cost an arm and a leg (I remember when they were 68 dollars and I started a cat feeding business to save up for one). It was an imitation but it is just as good especially for a 3 year old. I made the doll some pajamas because Maya pointed out she had nothing to wear to bed!

I finally found someone selling the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas pattern on Esty so that is on the way. I have plenty of fabric just waiting to be used. I think that pattern is one I can actually make for Sam. Now for a day or two dedicated to sewing. . .

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