Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jealous Boy

I am very curious to see how Sam will do when this baby arrives. He reacted badly when Maya came home. He wasn't aggressive or mean to her, he just acted up a lot. Now he doesn't like to be without her. He is so much more behavioral now that I am not sure how much worse he can get (I may regret saying that)!

This has been on my mind because Maya and I got the bug Sam had a couple of weeks ago. We have been coughing and throwing up since Saturday. Both of us are finally on the mend today. Maya has needed a lot of extra attention. I never realized how independent Maya is normally. She is very cuddly in the morning and the evening and she often hugs me during the day but in between she plays and moves around without needing to be right next to me. Sam, who moves around the house like the Tazmanian Devil, checks in A LOT. He will often pull me to a chair or couch and either dive behind me or sit right up next to me for a moment. He missed out on this while Maya and I were ill. I noticed that the second Maya wasn't on my lap he tried to climb on himself (and he doesn't fit too well these days) or he tried to sit right near mefor a moment. He has also been a little more wired this week.

The plan is to induce this wednesday when Sam is in school. That way only his evenings will feel different. I am curious to hear how Mark handles the night wake ups while I am gone. Often he doesn't even hear them wake up. If that happens, it is likely whoever wakes first will wake the other by the time he figures out what is going on.

This should be interesting.

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