Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little More Positive

I spoke at Barnard College a couple of days ago - it was a developmental psychology class (one I took when I went there). I was just there to give an overview of Autism from a paretn's perspective. I had a great and I met some great students. One of the things I touched on at the end of the presentation is the endless tug of war between grief and acceptance when you have a special needs child. In the moments of grief, it can feel all-consuming. THe life you planned work, worked for, felt you deserved is gone. You rage against this new life. It is not like getting stuck in Holland when you planned on going to Italy (I don't care for that essay). It is more like never getting to leave the airplane. All the other passengers get off and head to their destination but you are stuck and feeling more clostrophobic by the minute.

On the other hand, there are moments of acceptance. TImes when you can relish your child's efforts and accomplishments. The highs are higher because of the lows. I remember that Sam potty trained nearly a year ago today. He had just turned 4. I couldn't believe it was real. i was just entering panic mode because he was about to outgrow size 6 diapers. But he did it and it stuck. I try to remind myself of moments like that on the days that I feel tugged toarads grief.

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Stranded said...

poopoo in the potty is my rock too!