Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little things are so much more complicated

When you have a child with special needs, little things are so much more complicated. You can't just go to watch the high school football game or take a trip to the park without seriously scouting the layout first. You can't just get a babysitter and take a night out (assuming there is any money to go out or get a babysitter). My husband and I went into a panic tonight because he has to leave very early Friday morning for a seminar. It is my husband's job to get Sam up and put him on the bus in the morning. What to do??? If he were typical we could send him to a neighbor or something like that. You just never know what he will get into in a new house. My fear is he could potentially spend and hour jumping on and off their lovely coffee table. Once he is addicted to a behavior, he can't stop himself. Luckily, there is a girl in his class who lives nearby. She is much higher functioning but her mom "gets" the disorder. I am still worried that Sam will give her hell for the 45 minutes he will be there but we are up against a wall here. I can't take the day off because this is the first week of school.

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Andrea said...

I totally feel for you. Nothing can just be spur of the moment when you have a child on the spectrum. Change is so scary, and the unfamiliar, frightening for them.

What I've found difficult is group situations when there are other people involved and you aren't in the position when you can totally cater to your child's needs. So we usually avoid those, or give others a heads up.

I hope things go well for you on Friday =)