Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Again and Again

We started a new supplement today based on this study

Do I think Sam has this particular form of the disorder?  No but amino acids are a safe thing to add to his diet so we will give it a go. 

He also got a med increase today.  Should I have done these things on the same day?  No but is behaviors have us pretty desperate and and the thought of spacing things out makes me ill. 

I have been booted from my own bed - for good it seems.  Or at least until we fix up Sam's room so that there is nothing he can smash - including windows.  I doubt we are going to be there anytime soon.  Until then it isn't safe to "force" him to stay in his room. I can't remember if I ever posted about it but he has done some MAJOR damage when made to stay in his room at night in the past. 

And for some reason we have another dog. . .

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